Consignly Warehouse App

The perfect companion to the Consignly Warehouse System.

Increase picking accuracy with SKU, Batch, &  Serial Number scanning and maintain a comprehensive traceability system.


Scan the QR code with your android phone to download the app

Pick, Receive or Assign Barcodes to products in seconds. 

Pick Products

Eliminate costly picking errors by ensuring the correct product is picked for every consignment.

Scan & Assign Barcodes

Scan and Assign Barcodes with a Bluetooth barcode scanner. The Consignly traceability suite includes SKU, Batch, and Serial Number Tracking.

Take Photos

Need to capture photos of inwards consignments? You can capture photos and attach them directly to consignments from your app. 

Make Notes

Easily record helpful information on individual consignments.

Search Inventory 

No more time wasted looking for product locations. Search for product locations at the touch of a button from within the warehouse. 

Proof of Delivery 

Use ‘sign on glass’ to capture signatures when consignments are collected from your warehouse.

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