September 2021


Improve your accounting compliance with Tax Types, Revenue Accounts, and Cost Centres


Many large organisations code and categorise their revenue, and that's why we're introducing Tax Types, along with Revenue Accounts and Cost Centres into Consignly.

Revenue Accounts can be linked to Activity Charge Types, and Cost Centres to Warehouses.
When creating a rate, Tax Rates, Revenue Accounts and Cost Centres can be set to flow through to the Schedule.

When configuring your Xero connection, Revenue Accounts in Consignly can be mapped to Revenue Accounts in Xero, and Cost Centre Codes in Consignly can be mapped to Tracking Categories in Xero.
Pushing your Schedules to Xero will ensure that all your transactions are categorised and assigned correctly.

Further enhancements have been made to the Schedule PDF, and a new option to download a spreadsheet is available.

Revenue Accounts and Cost Centres: rolling out to Enterprise Consignly subscriptions over the coming weeks.
Tax Types and schedule enhancements: currently rolling out to all Consignly subscriptions.

Customise your charges using dynamic particulars & raise storage charges per product


Rates now also support dynamic particulars.  You can use tokens in your particulars to better describe the transaction, and pull through appropriate information at the time the charge is raised.

We're also releasing a feature in Storage Rates supporting you to calculate and raise transactions per product.  This provides a finer level of detail in your charges.  When used with dynamic particulars, your transaction can describe the product that storage is for.

Dynamic particulars: currently rolling out to all Consignly subscriptions.

Support for opening PDFs in the Warehouse app.

Many organisations using Consignly deal with MPI and Customs, requiring warehouse personnel to have ready access to documentation attached to the consignment.
The Consignly Warehouse App supports opening the PDFs in-app to ease this process.

PDF support: currently rolling out to all Consignly subscriptions.

Other news

Currently rolling out to all Consignly subscriptions:

  • enhanced permission to control consignment management

  • improvements to product adjustments

  • support for decimal values on a product definition's quantity per pallet field

  • ability to deactivate consignees, warehouses, locations

  • improvements to location search

  • addition of container number search on the warehouse app

  • picking list PDF: specifically designed to support picking by location

July 2021


Voiding consignments

Sometimes you just need to cancel a consignment as though it never existed.

Consignments that need to be discarded can now be voided.  Voiding a consignment is possible if there aren't any product lines that have been picked or received.  Voiding a consignment will remove it from your Open Consignments list.

Business Intelligence Tool for Storage

We're gradually rolling out a BI storage intelligence tool for Advanced Consignly subscriptions.  This allows you to analyse your storage looking at different metrics and count methods and comparison metrics, too.


Product Attributes


We're gradually rolling out the ability for consignments to be tagged with product attributes.  This lets you give products additional information, such as a second batch number, or allows you to tag a product on an inwards order with something (such as if there were damages).


Closing Consignments

We've noticed that consignments are sometimes being closed without charges being raised on the consignment.  Although Consignly warns you about this, it's easy to skip over the warning and close the consignment.

This impacts revenue and so the Close Consignment dialog has been changed to help make it clearer when charges aren't being raised.  For consignments that have no charges calculated, a box must be checked to enable the consignment to be closed first.

iCOS Integration


New triggers have been applied to the iCOS integration screen, to allow you to choose when consignments are pushed to iCOS, and whether updates are also pushed.

An Expected Dispatch Date/Time is now supported for Outwards Consignments, and is also pushed through to iCOS when an integration is triggered.


Other news

  • Tweaks have been made to the quarantine products feature

  • A new code field is optionally available on activity types.  This will eventually be surfaced up in transaction schedules.

  • The mobile app now supports searching consignments via the reference number

  • If there are no products added to a consignment, you are now able to change the warehouse that product will be searched/picked from.

  • Partner codes now support up to 20 characters

  • Proof of delivery information is now appended to the Consignment PDF

  • Consignment Notes can be edited and deleted if you have permission (your Organisation Owner can set this up)