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Consignly is the ultimate solution for your 3PL Operation

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Consignly makes 3PL a breeze!​

Designed and developed in New Zealand for Kiwi businesses, Consignly is easy to learn and empowers your 3PL business with features often only available to the big guys.


With unparalleled efficiency, Consignly will maximise your revenue through smart management, accurate measurement and powerful integrations with complimentary systems.

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Consignly provides powerful warehouse management tools coupled with unique rates management and flexible client visibility options.  You can set up virtually any negotiated rates structure and simply let Consignly create your client transactions automatically.

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Features normally reserved for the ‘Big Players’ 

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Reduce picking errors and provide peace of mind to your clients through the use of the Consignly warehousing app.  Simply download the free app to your existing Android device, pair a bluetooth scanner and your 3PL operation will be equipped with state of the art WMS tools normally costing thousands of dollars.

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Capture instant proof of delivery via the Consignly warehouse app or, through our integration partners, collect POD’s from your existing TMS system.

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Consignly is completely cloud based so it’s always improving and evolving.  We love talking about 3PL and how we might be able to help your operation get ahead of your competition. If you’d like to take a look at Consignly, please get in touch anytime.


Consignly is Proudly Made in New Zealand for Kiwi Businesses

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