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Consignly gives you information in real-time, allowing you to make sense of multiple business processes across all of your 3PL clients. With built-in business intelligence tools, you can extrapolate useful information and data sets to drive better decision making for your business.

Multi-party logistics
by design

Consignly has been engineered with 3PL and multi-party logistics as it’s core operation.  Consignly provides visibility to all of the parties involved in the supply chain.  Drastically reduce customer enquiries by providing Portal access to your customers, so they can see the stock levels, consignment status, and Proof of Delivery (POD) information.

Easily onboard new staff

A large percentage of warehouse teams are turned over regularly in the logistics industry.  There’s an inherent cost in training new people when there are complex systems at play.

Using standard approaches in building Consignly we are able to present a familiar interface often found in software used in people’s private lives.

This makes Consignly easy to use and requires little effort to assimilate into your organisation.  Temporary warehouse staff can confidently use Consignly’s warehouse app with little to no training; eliminating spikes in pick errors and incorrect shipments from non-core staff.

Consignly scales as you do

Your customers use your 3PL services so they can scale their warehouse operations on demand.  With self-managed setup of new facilities into Consignly, and the power of cloud-native software, Consignly scales as your demand grows.

Secure and reliable

Consignly is a SaaS product engineered for the cloud.  It’s built on top of a scalable services infrastructure along with world-leading investments in security, to give you the confidence that your data is secure and accessible from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Integrate quickly

Use the App Directory to connect and configure integrations to Consignly quickly and easily.  Connect with supported TMS providers in minutes to achieve seamless integration with your transport software, or use our native accounting integrations to automate your invoicing.

Use Zapier to connect with other systems, or Custom Apps and the Consignly API to perform more complex integrations to control your workflow and deliver data into Consignly.

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Collaborate, don’t just participate

The collaborative nature of Consignly allows regional 3PL providers to not only participate but to collaborate in order to access business previously inaccessible because of size.

Partner with other 3PL companies to jointly tender for contracts, and allow your mutual clients access to each party’s Consignly organisation with a single login, whilst at the same time maintaining autonomy and independence.

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