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Powerful market leading tools including 3PL WMS, Product traceability, Client Portal. Client Rate Management, Reporting, and Freight Partner Management. 

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 Advanced tools such as storage calculation analysis, comprehensive integrations, and advanced WMS features. All at an affordable monthly price. 

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Get in touch with the Consignly team today to discuss the enterprise plan. Full access to powerful analytical tools and open API access as well as premium support. 

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$1,500/ month


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Out-of-the-box modern warehouse management tools specifically designed for 3PL providers

Product Traceability 

Provide your customers with unparalleled traceability options including Serial, Batch and Expiry Date tracking.

Client Portal

Provide your clients access to their own customised Consignly dashboard with information tailored to their requirements.

Client Rate Management

Set up unlimited client rate structures for freight, activity and storage


Comprehensive reports provide detailed analysis

Manage subcontracted carriers and accurately predict their supplier invoice amounts

Freight Partner Management

Storage Calculation Analysis

Utilise the Consignly Storage Calculator to calculate and analyse storage rates & revenue.

TMS Integration 

Push consignment information directly to your preferred TMS provider.

Billing Integration

Send client invoice details directly to Xero or your preferred billing software system.

Client Partner ERP Integration 

Use powerful middleware to import consignment information from hundreds of applications.

Advanced WMS Features 

Access to the Consignly Warehouse mobile app.

Custom API

Connect your solution to the Consignly Network using our powerful APIs.

Premium Support 

In-app real time support across your organisation.  Free call phone support.

Advanced Accounting Features

Add additional financial tracking metrics including Cost Centres and Revenue Accounts.

What does a plan include?



1,000 Consignments
5 Client Partners
1 Warehouse

Add 1,000 consignments/ month/ $200 month

Extra 5 client partners/ $200 month

Add additional warehouse/ $100 month

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