Better supply chains through intelligent warehousing.

Unclock the power of Cloud WMS for your organisation.

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Next generation technology

Consignly is part of a new generation of cloud-native software that will help reshape the world’s logistics networks.

Traditional software is expensive, and requires servers for it to be installed on.  Consignly leverages the power of cloud services infrastructure and commodity devices such as mobile phones and Bluetooth scanners, to provide a SaaS product with lower capital investment and high performance.

Access for all

The challenge of the world’s logistics industry is to move goods from suppliers to consumers as efficiently as possible.  In modern economies, change comes fast. The ability to adapt, evolve and connect are not only the key drivers of supply chain efficiency, they are becoming the cornerstones of participation.

Taking a platform-first approach, we’ve built the Consignly Network to drive connectivity and drop traditional barriers to participation.


But it’s not just about technology.  It’s also about purpose.  Our people believe in a supply chain that serves the world better. And that’s why here at Consignly, we’re focusing on reimaging 3PL software to encourage participation and help make the world a better place.

Desktop and Mobile illustration