Security is at the forefront of our business commitments alongside quality and performance.

Keeping Your Data Secure Online

Data Protection & Backup

Consignly leverages the cloud to enhance the accessibility and performance of our application.

Our cloud service provider ensures Enterprise Grade backup redundancy, and they invest about $1 Billion USD annually on the security of their service offering.

Your data is replicated across multiple servers in multiple geographic regions to ensure business continuity.


Data is secured in transit and at rest to help protect against unauthorised access or interception. We follow accepted industry standards, using TLS to secure the Consignly application when in use, and your data is encrypted when stored on our platform.

Testing and Monitoring


Consignly incorporates a suite of tools which allow us to monitor our application, identify and respond to threats in real time. Security alerts and communications around updates are posted to our status page.

Penetration Testing

Independent penetration testing is welcomed and completed by many of our clients to assess the security of the application and infrastructure.

Applying Best Practice

Privacy Policy

Our team takes your information privacy very seriously, and we are committed to being honest and transparent. For more information on Consignly’s approach to data collection, use, sharing, and deletion see our privacy policy.

Continuous Improvement

Our team maintain an awareness of potential threats and our security approach is based on ISO27001 and OWASP guidelines to ensure we apply security best practice.

Providing Continuity

Safeguarding Uptime

Consignly exceeds 99.99% uptime. Our commitment to transparency means you can check the uptime of our application suite and partner integrations at any time.

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