Powerful features for all warehouse operations, big or small.

Taking a platform-first approach we’ve built the Consignly NetworkTM to drive connectivity and drop traditional barriers to participation.

The Consignly Dashboard
Consignly transactions and traceability

Product Traceability and Stock Rotation

Provide your Clients with unparalleled traceability options including SKU, Serial, Batch and Expiry Date tracking.

Client Portal

Provide your Clients access to their own customised Consignly dashboard with information tailored to their individual requirements.

Complex Rate Management

Set up unlimited Client rate cards and easily apply GRIs for freight, activity and storage.

Dangerous Goods support

Configure your organisation and product SKUs for Dangerous Goods.  Configure zones to support DG classes and have Consignly generate declaration forms for outbound consignments.


Comprehensive reports provide detailed analysis and give you valuable information to guide decision making.

Freight Partner Management (4PL)

Manage subcontracted carriers and accurately predict their supplier invoice.

Warehouse Locations That Work For You

Create bulk locations, or racked pick faces.  Name the locations in a way that works for you.  Barcode them with your own codes, or have Consignly do it for you.

Storage Calculation Analysis

Calculate and compare storage methods with the Consignly Storage Calculator to maximise storage revenue.

Desktop and Mobile illustration

TMS Integration

Push consignment information directly to your preferred TMS provider and receive PODs back into Consignly directly.

Billing Integration

Save time by connecting your billing software with Consignly to automate your invoicing.

Client Partner ERP Integration

Consignly can facilitate the importing of consignment information from hundreds of platforms.  Use powerful middleware connections to implement your own custom integrations.

Custom Apps and API

Connect your solution to the Consignly network using our powerful APIs. We integrate with a number of systems natively, but Consignly's Custom Apps lets your team connect other apps with ease.

Improve Pick Accuracy

Use the Consignly Warehouse Mobile App for picking and receiving, location management, and more.  Get setup in seconds and reduce your picking errors using our scanning and verification technology.

Product Conversions

Define different packaging makeups and barcodes without needing to create different products.  Create client rates for your activity based on different packaging configurations easily and quickly.

Automate Your Tasks with Ease

Free up valuable time for your admin team through task automation with Consignly. Automatically approve draft schedules, generate schedules, handle ad-hoc transactions, or raise storage charges.

The Consignly Warehouse App
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Advanced Analytics

Access to powerful Business Intelligence tools for optimum analysis and decision making.

Device Friendly

Work with the device of your choice.  Our web app works on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop.


Work across multiple Consignly organisations with a single login.


Consignly supports multiple warehouses to match your operation.  Our timezone supports lets you see activity in your local time, regardless of where the warehouse is located.


Consignly is a true cloud-native application.  We're a SaaS product.  You don't need expensive servers installed, patched and maintained.  Operate from the cloud, using an application backed by one of the biggest cloud providers, with best of breed security and high availability.

Always On and Real-Time

Consignly is always on and operates in real-time, so you or your Clients can login to create Consignments, view POD's and check inventory on demand.

Premium Support

In-app real-time support across your organisation. Consignly offers one on one support for customers online or over the phone, whatever works for you.

Streamline your operation today

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