- Features -

Consignly assists you to maximise your revenue, maintain the integrity of your client’s Inventory and automatically raise accurate charges for the services you provide.

Inventory Control

Consignly offers multi-warehouse location based inventory control and is configurable for FIFO / LIFO / Batch and Expiry Date stock rotation. 

Automated Freight and Activity rating

  • Handle any rate structure with ease
  • Automatically confirm geographic locations and lock in rates before despatch (no surprises!)
  • Seamlessly raise picking, devanning, packing and other charges

Comprehensive Storage Calculator

Consignly charges storage based upon average or maximum stock levels for any period. Charge by pallet, location, tonne, product type and more.

Barcode Scanning

Download our easy to use Android app, connect a bluetooth scanner and immediately have the efficiency and accuracy of being able to identify both products and picking locations.

Client Login

Avoid sending endless emails back and forth with your clients. Provide your customers with secure access from anywhere and complete transparency of both inventory and activity.

Proof of Delivery

Capture signatures and driver details using the warehouse app. Once completed a POD item is created in the  main application.

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Smart Dashboard

Maintain clarity over your operations wherever you are with a great selection of Dashboard  Widgets.

Xero Integration

Consignly connects with Xero to seamlessly create client invoices