The Consignly Referral Programme

Do you know an organisation that would benefit from using Consignly?  
Reach out with their details and get rewarded when they activate a Consignly subscription!

Are you an existing Consignly customer?

Refer an organisation and choose to receive 1 month of Consignly free* OR $1,000 NZD of travel vouchers

Not a Consignly customer?

Refer an organisation and receive $1,000 NZD of travel vouchers**

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Terms and Conditions

When you make a referral

The referred organisation cannot be an existing Consignly customer.

The referred organisation cannot currently be in the Consignly sales process at the time of referral. This Consignly sales process mean Consignly and the referred organisation have had discussions via email, phone, video conference, in person, or other means of communication within six months prioer to the date of referral.

You give Consignly permission to use your name and other details you may provide when contacting the referred customer.

When we receive a referral

We may contact you to seek further details about the referral.
We will contact the referred organisation within 5 working days.

We may disqualify any referral if the referred organisation is an existing Consignly customer, is in the Consignly sales process, is not a good fit for Consignly, the referral is not made in good faith, or for any other reason.
We reserve the right to, at our sole discretion, disqualify a referral for any reason.

About the referral reward

The referral reward will be processed for a qualified referral that:

- Becomes a paying Consignly customer within 6 months of the referral; and
- Then remains a Consignly customer for 3 consecutive months; and
- They must have their subscription payments up to date.

For the avoidance of doubt, the referral reward will only be processed when payment has been received by Consignly for three months of the referred customer's subscription.

* The referral reward for existing customers is the referrers choice of one month's free subscription to Consignly, based upon the existing customer's plan in place as at the date of the referral, up to a maximum of $3,000 NZD excluding GST OR $1,000 NZD including GST of travel vouchers.

**The referral reward for non-Consignly customers is $1,000 NZD including GST of travel vouchers.