Helping you take care of your customers

Getting up-to-date information on your goods is often time-consuming and frustrating for all involved. Consignly provides the tools to strengthen the supplier-provider relationship, helping you to take care of your customers, and providing complete transparency at every stage of the supply chain.

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Ensure your regulatory compliance

Meeting stringent regulatory requirements can be time consuming and difficult.  Consignly helps you meet these requirements with built-in features such as traceability and accurate record keeping including a history of product movements in a warehouse, along with the person responsible and the time it happened.

Have peace of mind knowing protocol is being adhered to, and the proper processes are being followed when it comes to your goods.

Connect your ERP

Use the App Directory to connect and configure integrations to Consignly quickly and easily.  Connect with supported ERP providers in minutes to achieve seamless integration with your sales software, or use our native accounting integrations to automate your invoicing.

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Accurate information

Access your data from any device to get real-time accurate information on inventory, charges, consignment details, and more.

One system, multiple providers

Consignly provides one centralised system so you can access real-time information from anywhere, on any device. Access data from your various Consignly-powered 3PL providers using a single login, and reduce the number of phone calls you’re making to your providers by fetching what you want, on-demand.

With a customised Dashboard experience, you can get visibility over useful metrics immediately after logging in, and use the in-built reporting framework to drill into your data as required.

If your provider supports it, you can create your own consignments directly in Consignly, saving you time and effort liaising with your 3PL.

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