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Whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler, or distributer Consignly helps you manage raw materials and inventory to ensure traceability right up and down the supply chain, from the factory to the consumer.

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Improve your visibility and management of raw materials ensuring they are available when needed to reduce production downtime and better respond to changes in demand and market conditions.

Connect with your logistics partners to apply appropriate controls for stock movements and ensure inventory is rotated as required on a FIFO, Date, Batch or Serial basis, and see barcode verifications as they occur downstream.

Connect your ERP

Use the App Directory to connect and configure integrations to Consignly quickly and easily.  Connect with supported ERP providers in minutes to achieve seamless integration with your sales software, or use our native accounting integrations to automate your invoicing.

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Accurate information

Access your data from any device to get real-time accurate information on inventory, charges, consignment details, and more.

Wholesalers & Distributors

For distributors, Consignly provides traceability and allows you to track the origin and movement of products as well as being able to add attributes to inwards or outwards consignments e.g. temperature and humidity for cold chain product.

Wholesalers can benefit from a complete picture of their inventory, with detailed reporting and live updates via dashboard widgets to indicate product availability.

Integrate with your ERP, TMS and e-commerce platform to reduce manual entries and streamline your throughput.

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