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Growing your business means growing your services

As your transport company grows, you’ll require larger depots or hubs to facilitate the loading and unloading of your trucks. These facilities present an opportunity to suppliers for their goods to be stored on-site with you, so that delivery times can be significantly reduced for the end-customer.

There are many drivers of this model, including lower costs for the supplier, end-customer demand for faster deliveries, and the efficiency and agility of utilising shared resources.

When these services are requested by your customers, you’re often faced with losing business if you decline.  This presents a challenge, such as providing a system to facilitate the provisioning of 3PL services, and working out how to fund the technology you need.

Unlike traditional 3PL software, the Consignly platform is easy to use, easy to deploy, and our team is here to support you. Leverage the power of true cloud technology with low operating costs, high performance, and reduced capital expenditure.

Connect your TMS

Make the most out of Consignly by connecting it directly to your preferred Transport Management Software via an out-of-the-box TMS integration, or through a Custom App.

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Uncover new revenue streams

Consignly gives you information in real-time, allowing you to make sense of multiple business processes across all of your 3PL clients. With built-in business intelligence tools, you can extrapolate useful information and data sets to drive better decision making for your business.

Provide your customers with a premium experience

Suppliers want visibility over their inventory at your warehouse, and they want to know in real-time the status of consignments and deliveries.  Invite your customers to your Consignly organisation to give them real-time access to their data.  

Reduce the number of phone calls your Customer Service Operators are taking and let your customers fetch what they need, when they need it. With a customised Dashboard experience, your customers can get visibility over useful metrics immediately after logging in.

Minimise your data entry effort by allowing your customers to create their own consignments directly in Consignly, at the same time having complete control over what they can do.

Consignly transactions and traceability

Collaborate, don’t just participate

The collaborative nature of Consignly allows regional transport companies to not only participate but to collaborate in order to access business previously inaccessible because of size.

Partner with other regional transport companies to jointly tender for contracts normally won by larger industry players, and allow your mutual clients access to each party’s Consignly organisation with a single login, whilst at the same time maintaining autonomy and independence.

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