Increase picking accuracy and maintain traceability.

Improve accuracy with SKU, Serial Number, and Batch Number scanning.  Maintain a comprehensive traceability system, and give your warehouse team real-time information on-demand.

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Pick Products

  • Eliminate costly picking errors by ensuring the correct product is picked for every consignment.
  • Pairing a bluetooth scanner with Consignly, or using a device with built-in scanning capabilities, product and locations can be scanned and verified to make sure the right product is being picked from the right location every time.
  • A history of which product and locations on a consignment have been scanned and verified is captured, so you and your clients can have confidence that the correct items are being dispatched.

Take Photos

Capture photographs and add them to consignments to record evidence of product being received into the warehouse, or to record the state of products ready to be dispatched.  

Add any number of photographs via the app, and surface these up in the consignment via the Consignly portal.

Make Notes

Record helpful information about a consignment and surface this up via notes in-app.

Warehouse operators can add further notes and information via the app with this information being available within the consignment in the Consignly portal.

Material Safety Data Sheets

  • Attach documents such as Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to Partner Products.  Consignly will then make these documents available within a consignment, so all information is easily available to the warehouse team on-demand.

Search Inventory

  • Use the mobile app to scan and assign barcodes to products that haven’t been defined yet.
  • Easily and quickly look up products by scanning a barcode or searching for the product.   Understand locations in the warehouse where the product is stored, or discover what product is stored at a location.

Proof of Delivery

  • Capture signatures via sign-on-glass functionality for consignments that are collected from your warehouse.  
  • For Organisations that deliver small volumes of consignments themselves, the app can be used to offer turn-by-turn navigation to the destination address, as well as capture proof of delivery and photographs of the consignment.

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