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Cloud-based courier and freight booking solution.

Consignly integrates with GoSweetSpot to automate courier and freight bookings


As a customer, you can utilise our complete stable of courier & freight providers all accessed via the GoSweetSpot platform.

Whether you require an integrated ecommerce solution or wholesaling to regular customers, GoSweetSpot reduces your time with despatching orders.

Print your own ticket/label and only pay for what you use.

Live track and trace of parcels via the GoSweetSpot website.

How does it work?

This integration allows exporting Consignments as Customer Orders in GoSweetSpot.

Getting started

  1. Make sure you have a subscription with GoSweetSpot;
  2. Visit the App Directory in Consignly and add the GoSweetSpot app using your GoSweetSpot Access Key;
  3. Click the Connect button to authorise Consignly; and
  4. Configure Export triggers and Carrier/Client mapping data.

Learn more about connecting GoSweetSpot and Consignly.

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