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Manage Your 3PL Services With Ease. 

Unlike traditional 3PL software, our platform is easy to use, easy to deploy, and the Consignly team are always available for support.  

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Streamline Your Services


3PL services don't need to be a pain point for your company. Save time, money, and focus on the important things by making 3PL services easy for your team. 

Uncover New Revenue Streams

Uncover new revenue streams with easy-to-understand analytical reports and insights. 

Consignly was built with flexibility in mind which means it can accommodate any arrangement. Set up unlimited client rate structures for freight, activity, and storage at the touch of a button. 

Connect Your TMS

To ensure that you can make the most out of Consignly there are a number of transport management integrations currently available and many more on the way.  For more info see our integrations page. 

A Premium Experience For Your Customers. 

Provide your clients access to their own customised Consignly dashboard with information tailored to their requirements. They can maintain visibility over their goods resulting in less time on the phone for you.

Why 3PL Service Providers are moving to Consignly

In need of a powerful new system that could be deployed quickly and with ease, Mackley's turned to Consignly. 

Customer Support Guarantee

​The Consignly system is easy to use and we guarantee your team will love it. 

We provide you and your team with in-app tutorials and free support online or over the phone.

Our system quickly becomes second nature for our customers but we offer our continual support to give you peace of mind.

Streamline Your 3PL Services Today 

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