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Custom Apps

Developers can connect custom applications with ease, using our powerful APIs.

Connect to Consignly’s APIs by creating a Custom App.


Custom Apps are your gateway to Consignly’s APIs.  If you have complex processes or two-way integration requirements then leveraging Consignly’s API framework will help you achieve those requirements.

Custom Apps grant you access to work with your Consignly organisation’s data through our defined API methods.

How does it work?

Create a Custom App in Consignly and configure the application to support the required authentication workflow.

Using the Custom App, you can authorise a user within your Consignly organisation and use the APIs to interact with Consignly as though you were that user.

You can use the API to import consignments, fetch Proof Of Delivery, notes and other consignment-related information, read information about Partners, and create Partner Schedules.

Getting started

  1. Visit the Custom Apps feature from the Apps menu in in Consignly;
  2. Provide some information about the Apps purpose;
  3. Authenticate a user to work with Consignly’s APIs

Learn more about creating Custom Apps.

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