Barcode Scanning & Traceability

Updated: May 11

From origin to final destination, traceability refers to the procedures and measures taken to allow for both the tracking and tracing of products in a supply chain.

Tracking- Being able to physically locate goods and know where they are and where they went (downstream in the supply chain).

Tracing- the ability to search records to find out how it was processed and what was done (upstream in the supply chain).

Both of these elements are crucial for an effective traceability system and barcode scanning plays a very important role.

Advantages of Barcode Scanning in Inventory Traceability.

A complete suite of traceability options includes SKU, Batch, and Serial number tracking.

When there are hundreds of new product batches received and moved, a pen and paper or excel spreadsheet simply won’t cut it. Barcode scanning speeds up the traceability process of tracking these codes and eliminates costly mistakes.

All inventory processing takes place away from the office so it’s important that you have mobile technology like the Consignly Warehouse App to manage this. But what are the advantages of utilising mobile technology and barcode scanning to manage your traceability system?

Save time- Manual traceability is time-consuming. Utilising scanners and mobile technology significantly reduces the time taken to perform tasks and seek information out later on.

Increase accuracy- Making errors during manual data entry is common especially when filling out long batch numbers. Using digital traceability systems eliminates these errors saving costly mistakes.

Access to real-time information- access real-time information anytime, anywhere on any given product. Have complete visibility of stock levels, and the ability to identify and locate a product instantly.

Increase customer satisfaction- increase customer satisfaction by offering the ultimate level of traceability. Customers will have increased confidence in your business and peace of mind knowing you have a comprehensive digital traceability system in place.

If you currently manage your traceability manually or you are interested in how mobile technology and barcode scanning could help you get in touch for a chat.