Business Intelligence - Spotting the trends

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

At Consignly, we understand that running a good 3PL operation means being in control of your numbers.

But sometimes the speed and volume of information that is collected within a logistics business can be difficult to measure and, more often than not, observing trends can be challenging.

To help our customers analyse and understand their business better we’ve built the Consignly Business Intelligence suite

As a Consignly account holder, you can now drill down into useful and meaningful data - all within a couple of clicks.

Geographical distribution of consignments can be viewed to ascertain areas of high demand and assist when negotiating with subcontracted carriers.

Useful consignment metrics are displayed alongside a ranking for the top 5 carriers used for the period and filters selected.

Our aim is to bring our customers industry leading insights to help them make informed decisions to benefit business performance.