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Case Study: Pegasus Bay Transport
Case Studies

Case Study: Pegasus Bay Transport

Pegasus Bay came to Consignly with a challenge. Help us get better visibility over our inventory.

Pegasus Bay Transport are a Christchurch-based 3PL that stores products for a number of clients.  One such client is a national packaging company that use a number of 3PL providers across the country, and accuracy of inventory is a particular challenge for them.

Using Consignly would mean this client would gain access to inventory information at any time and in real-time, via the Consignly portal – something larger vendors have difficulty in offering.

It’s fair to say that Pegasus Bay Transport were initially reluctant about changing the way they work by implementing a new system.  Change management is difficult at the best of times, however in this instance the difficulty was compounded by increasing pressure from their client to get a system in place coinciding with Pegasus Bay Transport moving their warehousing operations to new premises.

Their team needed to be introduced to Consignly, trained, and stock balances needed to be imported all in the midst of the general chaos of moving sites.

Hemi and the Consignly team took up the challenge and helped transform Pegasus Bay Transport’s inventory management from spreadsheets and paper to new generation 3PL technology using Consignly, all over a weekend.

“Nathan and the team at PB Transport were fantastic to work with”, says Consignly Business Development Manager, Hemi Te Maari.  “After an initial demonstration of Consignly, and some due diligence at their end, PB Transport were on board from very early on”.

Consignly’s self-service tools meant implementation was straightforward, requiring far less effort than traditional warehouse management systems.  From importing products and opening balances, to learning to use the system, it was all taken care of with a very tight turnaround.

Consignly offers an intuitive experience across both the Web Portal and the Mobile Warehouse App.  They’re both designed to have a similar feel to apps that people use outside of work, meaning that the learning curve was low for the Pegasus Bay Transport team, and adoption of Consignly was easier than expected.

Pegasus Bay Transport’s Nathan Ritsma says, “after 3 months of using Consignly, we’re proud to say that we’ve achieved our most accurate stock take to-date, and in fact we had the most accurate stock take of any other 3PL that our packaging client uses”.

We think this is a great outcome for Pegasus Bay Transport, and we look forward to helping them offer more value to their customers as we roll out other exciting features to Consignly over the coming months.

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