New Features : Container Tracking + Mobile App + Widgets

Updated: May 9

It’s been a great start to 2020 for Consignly. Our team has been busy developing new features to help you achieve your business goals this year.

Some exciting new features just released include:

  • Container Tracking + Widgets

  • Warehouse App

  • Dashboard Widgets Filter

  • New Role - Client Partner Financial

Container Tracking:

Containers can now be added to Inwards, Outwards and P2P consignments. Select from common container sizes 10 ft, 20 ft or 40 ft. Set an Expected Arrival Date on Inwards Consignments, Date Received in Store and Date Returned.

Handle charges for Container Handling and Freight and maintain visibility of each container’s detention threshold with two new widgets.

  • Containers Due (Widget)

- See Details for Incoming Containers

- Click to Navigate to the Consignment

  • Containers In Store (Widget)

- See which containers are on site

- Monitor days till Container Detention

Warehouse App:

Introducing the Consignly Warehouse app!

Pick, Receive or Assign Barcodes to products with a few taps.

  • Select a Warehouse

  • Assign and verify Barcodes

  • Pick Products

  • Receive Products

  • Add Notes

  • Take Photos

  • Connect a Bluetooth Scanner

You can download the app easily from the Google Play Store. Connect up your favourite bluetooth scanner or Zebra Device to verify product picking and receiving and streamline your Warehousing operation.

Dashboard Widgets Filter:

Choose from a selection of Dashboard widgets to enhance your operational oversight.

Client Partner Financial:

Client partners can now be given permission to view consignment charges.

More to come! Stay tuned for updates. If you want to learn more about any of these newly released features flick an email to the consignly team - we would love to hear from you. Email