Custom Roles: How do they work?

Updated: Jul 7

Organisation owners can create Custom Roles. So what does that mean and why is this level of customisation so valuable?

Previously Consignly users would assign someone a pre-defined role from the following options:

  • Client Partner Financial

  • Client Partner Standard

  • Office Staff

  • Store Personnel

  • Super User

Each role has a particular set of permissions, but what happens when you need someone to see more or less than their role allows? That's where Custom Roles come in.

Custom Roles:

Consignly organisation owners can customise roles by turning a range of individual permissions on/off according to their preferences.

Saving time is important so we still have the 5 pre-defined roles for you to choose from, but you are no longer limited by them.

When would I use this feature?

For example, if you wanted a particular client partner to have the ability to create their own consignments, or if you want to give an office staff member access to the Warehouse App. You no longer need to get in touch with the Consignly support team to make these changes, simply navigate to Roles under the Organisation Tab on your dashboard sidebar.

Who is an Organisation Owner?

The organisation owner is an individual user from your organisation that you assign to this role. The owner is the only person with access to this feature.

If you have any questions about Custom Roles get in touch with the Consignly team today.