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New Features: Dangerous Goods & Zone management
Feature Updates

New Features: Dangerous Goods & Zone management

Organisations that handle Dangerous Goods need to ensure that product is stored in the correct area, and that documentation can be easily printed for outbound consignments.

Dangerous Goods

The engineering team are pleased to release the Dangerous Goods feature within Consignly!

Consignly will initially offer support for the New Zealand and Australian flavour of the GHS7 standard.  The feature will offer support to describe your products as dangerous goods, and ensure the appropriate UN Numbers and Hazchem codes are defined, along with the appropriate hazard classification and category information as per the standard.

DG Declaration forms can be generated and printed for outbound consignments that contain DGs, to help ease the administration burden for your team.

Used in conjunction with Zone Management, organisations will be able to restrict product from being stored in particular warehouse zones.

Be sure to reach out to our team to discuss getting Dangerous Goods turned on for your organisation.

Get an overview of Dangerous Goods.

Dangerous Goods declaration form generated by Consignly

Zone management

We're pleased to release zone management for Consignly.  This feature will allow organisations to define logical zones within a warehouse.

Existing locations can be added or removed from zones, or you can use the location generation tool to set a zone at the time of location creation.

Used in conjunction with Dangerous Goods, zones allow you the ability to restrict product into a zone in order to meet any business requirements you may have around separating product being stored.

Learn more about zone management or get in touch with the team to discuss activating zone management for your organisation.

A zone in Consignly

Zone restrictions in Consignly

Advanced location creation

Racking can be configured in many different ways, and so we're pleased to release our advanced location tool for better location management.

When creating multiple locations within Consignly, the advanced feature allows a more fine-grained approach to configuring the new locations.
Setting seed and step values allows you greater control over numbering sequences, and give you the ability to zone racking in the same row differently depending on sequencing.

The preview locations feature provides better visibility over locations that will be ignored because they already exist, as well as offering the ability to remove any locations that may be generated before executing the creation.

Learn more about advanced location generation.

Advanced location creation in Consignly

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