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Three Reasons Barcode Scanning is Vital for 3PL

Three Reasons Barcode Scanning is Vital for 3PL

In today's digital world, businesses that use 3PL services expect a high standard of efficiency and accuracy from their provider.

In today's digital world, businesses that use 3PL services expect a high standard of efficiency and accuracy from their provider.  No longer is price the single determining factor when such companies choose their logistics partner.  These businesses understand that visibility, connectivity and efficient systems produce the best outcomes.

Most warehouses have employed barcode scanning functions to assist with their day to day activities. A robust and reliable barcode scanning system has become the standard approach to help drive accuracy and efficiency.

There are many advantages to be gained through the use of barcode scanners.  We’ve talked to some of our customers and outlined the top three reasons they use them;

1. Picking Accuracy

Human error is still the biggest cause of warehouse inefficiency.  Handheld scanners provide robust identification of both product and pick location.  When using visual identification of products, especially when they appear similar, human beings are prone to making errors.  Using a barcode to identify that the correct product is being picked from the correct location significantly reduces these errors.

In the case of a 3PL operation it is common for one person to be picking orders from several different customers within one warehouse.  Familiarity with products is often low or non-existent and is often made worse in times of seasonal peaks when temporary employees are utilised to meet demand.  Barcode scanning removes this reliance on a human being having experience with the product.

2. Batch and Serial Number Tracking

Traceability of product is vital to many businesses.  One way this can be approached is through batch number tracking, where similar products manufactured in ‘batches’ are arranged into distinct collections. Another is via serial number tracking, often used with electronic goods, which identifies an individual item.  In either case, ensuring a product with the correct batch and/or serial number is readily identifiable, is often a prerequisite for doing business.

3. Professionalism

Put quite simply; “because our customers expect it”. When talking with a prospective customer, most 3PL businesses will be asked about their approach to barcode scanning early in the conversation.  A logistics provider wishing to portray themselves as being a modern and forward thinking organisation will have a barcode scanning system in place.

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